Our History

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 Celebrated 10 Years

1994 -2004



In July of 1993, Alderville became one of five First Nation Opportunity Planning Pilot Project sites - an initiative through the  Chiefs of Ontario and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  This program supported the concept of moving from a passive social assistance system to a more active program of support.

Findings from a community based economic needs assessment indicated that employment and educational supports were required within the community.  In September of 1994 the Opportunity Planning Pilot Project was renamed 'The Alderville Learning Centre'.  The Alderville Learning Centre introduced the concept of 'one stop shopping' to community members who were able to access resources, services, programs, and counselling supports all at the grassroots level.

In the spring of 1996 the Alderville Learning Centre successfully accessed capital dollars through the Jobs Ontario Community Action Aboriginal Program - JOCAPP.  A facility was constructed next to the administration office providing the necessary space to house all the activities and services offered by the Alderville Learning Centre.   The facility consists of a computer lab, classroom, library, a private office, reception area, kitchen and washroom facilities, and is wheelchair accessible.  The lower part of the building supports additional program offices, a meeting room, and student services.