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Celebrated 10 years



The Learning Centre will be providing various workshops over a course of a year started in April 2005. That will be aimed at "Getting to know" our Alderville Elders/Seniors.


MAY we held a No Sew blanket workshop, this was very fun for all who attended!

JUNE was Senior's Month, the Learning Centre held a Senior's Day at the Alderville Community Centre. Senior's enjoyed a day dedicated just for them. Various booths were set up for them to visit ie: massage, foot care, blood pressure, salon and many others. We had approximately 50 senior's from our community attend this event.

 JULY  Senior's enjoyed a Boat Cruise/lunch on Ricelake and lunch was provided at the Victoria Inn. The whole day was enjoyed by the 27 seniors who attended.

AUGUST  Alderville Seniors got to know their True Colors provided by the Learning Centre. A fun workshop aimed at getting our youth to mingle with the seniors. This workshop was a way for the Alderville youth to get to know their Elder's. The  BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all. 

SEPTEMBER From 10:00am-1:00pm Senior's were invited to bring their Grandchildren with them for  Breakfast/Lunch at the Community Centre. Professional Portraits were taken of Grandparents with their Grandchildren. We have a copy of them at the Learning Centre for those interested looking at them.  

NOVEMBER  Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto- All in attendance for this event really enjoyed the day.

NOVEMBER  Basic Computer skills. NO TEST just a fun time learning some new technology. Lunch will be provided for those who sign up. NEXT CLASS is Thursday January 19th, 2006.