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1994 - 2004



The Alderville Learning Centre offers a variety of educational information and access to programs.  The three main areas, highlighted on the left,  provide detailed information on the resources and services that are offered.  If you are looking for general information on our educational services then just keep on reading!


As an Access Site for the Independent Learning Centre, Ministry of Education, students can access course materials and earn their Grade12/OAC Diploma through correspondence.   A wide range of course selections is offered.  Exams are written on-site and registered students have free access to all resources available to help them with their studies. 

Educational Resources range from computer software programs to books and videos.   We have information on educational programs (including Native specific programs), scholarship and grant information, careers, youth information, educational software, videos addressing student issues, and a variety of books.          


"Native Learning Option and eLearning Development Model" A  project for the Cultural and Economic Development for the Alderville Community.