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Pinnacle Studio version 9 is the most powerful, easy-to-use software video editor in its class. Capture home movies to your computer, edit them, add titles, music, narration and special effects and then output your edited masterpiece to videotape, DVD and the Internet.

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Introducing Pinnacle Studio version 9
The world's top-selling software video editor just got a whole world better!

Get ready for Studio version 9, the next generation in consumer software video editors. Studio gives you every tool you need to easily capture video to your computer, edit it, add titles, music, narration and special effects and then output a finished movie back to videotape, DVD and the web.

The easiest way to capture, edit and share your home movies
Drag-and-drop your captured video footage onto the editing timeline and assemble a movie in minutes. Take your production to the next level by adding voiceover narration, professional-caliber titles, and background music. Other features include the ability to import CD, MP3 and WAV audio files into your timeline, and export still frames that can be printed out on a color printer. Click here to read more about how easy Studio is to use.

Create DVDs that can play in your living room DVD player
Share your special moments with family and friends on DVD! With Studio, you can author and burn discs with your CD or DVD burner that play in most set-top DVD players. Create multiple linked menus, motion menus and motion buttons; you get all of these features and more in one exciting package.

All new features!
Studio version 9 has boatloads of exciting new features including:

New! Home Cinema support
Capture, edit and output 16 x 9 widescreen video, and create surround sound soundtracks.

New! Automated editing
Looking for a quick way to turn your recent vacation video into an enjoyable movie that you can play on your living room DVD player? Let SmartMovie edit your movie for you! With Studio's automated editor, you simply choose a video and song from your hard drive and select an editing style. With one click, Studio creates a professionally edited movie-complete with titles, transitions, and special effects-all synchronized to the beat and duration of the movie.

New! Audio and video restoration tools
Fix poorly shot footage using Studio's new cleaning and restoration tools. The software includes:
Image Stabilization--Fix those shaky handheld shots
Automatic Color Correction--Correct poorly lit shots
Analog Cleaning--Restore old videotapes
Noise Reduction--Remove annoying wind noise, hiss, and camcorder whine
New! Support for RTFx video plug-ins and VST audio plug-ins :
Audio Filters-Apply professional-level effects such as Reverb, Graphic EQ and normalize.
Image Filters-Create exciting video effects, such as Old Time Movie, Ripples, Lens Flares and more.
With all of these features and more, it's easy to see why Studio version 9 software is the best solution for all video enthusiasts who want to edit and output high-quality movies back to videotape DVD and the Internet. For those who need video capture or output hardware Studio version 9 is available with a variety of high quality hardware solutions- click here for details.

Product Highlights:
Image stabilization
Automatic color correction
Analog video cleaning
Noise reduction
Automated editing
Image filters
Stereo and surround sound panning
Audio filters
Capture and edit footage from your DV, Digital8 or MicroMV digital camcorder*
Capture and edit footage from your 8mm, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, or SVHS-C analog camcorder*
SmartCapture saves time and effort by instantly detecting where each scene starts and stops
Create Video CDs, and DVDs that can play in your living room's DVD player
Studio 9 saves movies as AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, RealVideo, and Windows Media Format
* = Dependent on type of video capture hardware you're using.

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